Harness the Full Power of your Telecom Technology

Your telecom system is a significant investment, and it should be a competitive tool for your business. It must perform efficiently and deliver results. Trust the telecom experts at Abilita to improve your total business processing performance.

Our Solutions

  • Cost Optimization – We make sure our clients spend the right amount, and no more, to obtain the services and support they need.
  • Project Management – New technology acquisitions, voice/data network integration, and office moves or changes are just some of the complex projects that Abilita can manage for you.
  • Telecom Expense Management – Improve cost control, expense reporting, allocation, and audit verification. All with reduced management costs.
  • Performance Optimization – We help our clients leverage available technology to improve their business productivity.

Satisfied Clients Say…

“Abilita exceeded my expectations by delivering over $172,000 in credits from AT&T and drove down our monthly recurring costs by 43%! I am happy to recommend Abilita to others who need to drive down telecommunications costs.”

Scott McCarter
Chief Information Officer
Karmanos Cancer Institute

“We were pleasantly surprised to find that Abilita’s Independent thorough analysis provided initial savings of more than $45,000 including $21,000 in recoveries of billing errors. Their ongoing vigilance since then has continued to save us dollars that would have normally be going to various telecom service providers.”

John Crist
CP Federal Union

“Abilita has provided a very tangible service for the American Red Cross. Being a nonprofit entity, we are continually looking to stay cost effective. Through Abilita’s expertise we were able to reduce our expenses over 42% with no degradation in service!”

Lorena A. Mallock
Office Manager
American Red Cross

“Abilita is a group of highly motivated, committed and dedicated professionals who, every year, come together for the collective good of the organization. I have rarely – if ever – witnessed the amount of knowledge sharing and problem solving as I see with them.”

Bobbi Kahler
Success Builders Weekly™

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